Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tracing Updates

This blog has been dead for quite some time, but Master John has brought us back from the brink. I’m going to ease back into posting with a few updates. (I promised to have a post done by the end of the weekend but I am still running around lab and really need to figure out my taxes)

The Second Demise of TR: August and September became very busy months both John and myself. After months of trouble shooting Master John got things working in lab and was busy trying to get everything together to graduate. At the same time my thesis project number 2 did not pan out. The last time I lost a thesis project I stopped blogging as well… Third time is a charm anyone?

Positive outcomes: John completed his masters and is now working on a paper for publication. He will be the first one out of us to get a paper \m/. I will refer to him as Master John in all posts from here on out….that is unless/until he threatens me with physical harm for doing so.

I have been working quite hard on thesis project 3 and it appears to be working. There will be a few posts about that coming soon.

Possible Rebirth of TR? I really hope that this time the both of us can sustain semi-regular posting on the blog. During our down time one of my friends got his blog on Scienceblogs which is a huge accomplishment….actually I still owe him a drink for that. Every day I watch the news or see CNN’s main page I am reminded at how desperately scientists need to improve scientific communication with the public. As budget cuts loom I think scientists will face a challenge communicating the reasons and importance for basic research. I hope that this blog helps me prepare for such a scenario.

Other updates:Despite our absence from blogging we are still 4th on the internet for all things crocodile poop Please help us become number 1! We really need to be good at something.