Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tracing Resistance: Your one stop resource for....Crocodile Poop?

A while ago I wrote a short post about a fascinating archeological discovery entitled "Shark-Bitten Crocodile Poop Fossils Found (No, Really)". Of all my posts, this one has generated the most hits from Google searches. These people searching crocodile poop are not discrete about their searches. In fact, they are quite open about the fact that they want info on Crocodilian poop. Terms have included "CROCODILE POOP" and "where crocodile goes poop" and the simple non-yelling "crocodile poop". I was totally unaware of the fact that there people out there in desperate need of crocodile poop information. The real shock came when I googled the term "crocodile poop". This is what google returned.

Thats right!!!! Our blog is the #5 resource on the internet for crocodile poop! This made me realize there there is an unfulfilled need for accurate and reliable crocodile poop reporting on the internet. I mean if our little blog is number 5 what does that say about humanity as a whole? How could such a fundamental issue be ignored by the entire internet. I think John and I have a new goal, TO BE THE NUMBER ONE WEB RESOURCE ON CROCODILE POOP! Let's face it, we are not good or unique enough to be #1 at anything else on the internet. I think have a really good shot at this one. I mean look at the number one link, we can do so much better. I ask all of our followers and readers to help us with our goal to be the # 1 internet site for crocodile poop!

PS. Even more perplexingly all of these hits have come in the past week or so, if anyone out there knows why there has been such a rush on the search term "crocodile poop" let me know. I want to cover it.

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