Saturday, August 21, 2010

“Bow down fools! My name is Tyrone”

I have covered atrazine before (here and here) and highlighted some of the back story of the lead scientist leading the charge, Tyrone Hayes, against atrazine manufacturer, Syngenta. Now, Syngenta has filled an ethics complaint against Hayes for sending Syngenta employees “explicit and obscene” emails over a period of several years. Hayes regrets if he offended any friends with his language but remains unapologetic, saying his emails were in response to verbal threats and abuse by Syngenta.

Syngenta has compiled these emails into a 102 page document posted online. And they are worth a read. Come on, how awesome is it to have a scientist end an email with “word to your mother.” It’s pretty much 102 pages of Hayes jive talkin’ and smack talkin’ Syngenta.

Some highlights:

“my abstract for e.hormone below. ...

"strike like lightening

voice like thunder

i hear the fear when you call my name

oh so frightening

makes you wonder

if the second coming done already came




“you thought you hit a nerve

but i threw a curve

and sho' cold busted a vein//see the man in black just keeps coming back

while you flushin yo money down the drain

so go'head, bring "your boys"

cuz i'm bringing the noise

i told ya, you can't stop the rage

you been braggin but we'll see who's tea baggin

when TDawg hits the stage”

This isn’t the first time Hayes has been known to talk in rhyme, such as the Atrazine Rap:

Reading the taunting emails, I have to award Dr. Hayes a few internets for his grade A trolling. Pretty much, I just picture this:

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