Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleep and Science

I try not to talk about my research too much on the blog, mostly because it is in a sub-niche of a sub-niche of a topic related to HIV and well, there may be like 100 people in the world who would find it interesting. Of those 100 people none of them know about the blog and most certainly are not one of our 12 die hard followers (thanks guys). I will try not to bore all 12 of you with the hard-core details of my work. However, I have come up with an interesting observation.

I ended up working 25 hours straight in lab Sunday-Monday to try to get a result, an inconclusive result (shakes fist). However, I must say that following this result I had one of the most satisfying sleeps ever in the history of sleep. Seriously! I was up for over 30 hours then took a 4 hour nap (ok sleep) and then went to bed around the time I normally do. During those 8 hours I got 8 hours of possibly the most intense sleep ever. I woke up and almost needed a cigarette because it was so satisfying. Think sleep+crack+crystal meth+winning the lotto and an olympic medal at the same time and that may get you close to the way I felt Tuesday morning.

This marks a milestone in my research. Normally my research has a dramatic negative impact on my sleep. Whether it is because my mind is going at escape velocity thinking science, stressing about some negative result, a coffee overdoes or that can’t sleep like a kid on Christmas eve in anticipation of a result. All of these lead to positive feedback loop of caffeine overdose (sleepy=bad when working with a virus that can kill you) and even less sleep. Waking up Tuesday morning marks the very first and possibly the last time science has ever drastically improved my sleeping; actually it took it to the next level. This is in spite of having to repeat the assay, but after a sleep like that I honestly don’t care right now.

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