Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well this is our 100th Post. I have no idea why typing this is so scary, but John and I wanted to do something special for this one. At first we mocked each other about who was going to do it, but neither of us felt worthy to type the 100th post for our 12 diehard followers. The result was an epic spell of inactivity. During this time science and life got in the way and the 100th post still loomed. The longer we went without a 100th post the more important this one had to be. In our quiet period, there has been good data, bad data, conferences, an environmental disaster, crazy denialists and too many cool papers to blog about. With each one we reassured ourselves that once the 100th post was done, blog posts would flow out of our fingers like oil out of BP’s well in the Gulf. EPIC BLOG FAIL!

Ironically, our total lack of activity for the last two months has finally given us a reason to write the dreaded one hundredth post…….WE ARE RELAUNCHING THE BLOG! We are opening up with a new look and commitment to blog more frequently. Some posts may not be as long, but we are going to try our hardest to stay current and hopefully more entertaining. John is going to get us started with post 101, consider this post and many more will follow. Sorry to everyone who actually checked our blog and have been disappointed to see nothing has changed.

Kevin and John

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