Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok, one more post of gloating.

Another day in the lab, another day of inconclusive data. Yay grad school! So after slinking home I found a package at the door...

hmm? from the Dept. of Ecology & Evolution at the University of Chicago...from Jerry A. Coyne?
Jerry A. Coyne???


You see, a few weeks ago on Jerry Coyne's blog, he called for submissions for a spring reading contest. The objective was to recommend a nonfiction book using only three sentences. And as it turns out, my entry for Douglas Adam's Last Chance to See took first place. Better yet, after reading it himself, Jerry Coyne gave it two thumbs up. Even still better yet, I was to be the recipient of a signed copy of Why Evolution Is True, probably the best book I've come across that lays out the evidence for evolution.

So yes, I'm having a total nerdgasm right now.

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