Friday, May 14, 2010


I has been a long time since I posted. I have been coming up with a new project and trying to get it off the ground. More on that will come later; right now I am going to try my hand at steeling some of John’s thunder (I am a little tired of my own research topics right now.)

In between incubation steps or papers in the lab I have been reading up on the gulf oil spill. Lets just say that the news consistently worse than my attempts at getting this project going full steam, and that is saying a lot. I have been fearing the worst ever since the explosion and somehow reality has always trumped my pessimism. With that in mind, I was still not prepared for this article.


Louisiana has made headlines for two recent tragedies, Hurricane Katrina and the current oil spill. Now imagine if a hurricane and the oil spill collided. Disaster films have combined some of the most remote possibilities and SyFy has brought us giant squid vs mega shark. I am pretty sure no one has thought of this mega disaster, and the scary thing is there is a real possibility it can happen. We are heading into hurricane season and there is no fix in site for stopping the leak. Even if they can manage to do that oil will undoubtedly be floating around there for weeks (more likely months).

This article only hints at a dismal picture. The oil from this spill has been largely kept in open ocean, a hurricane could change all of that in a hurry. Minimally the storm would disperse the slick and force it up on shore. However, there is an even more frightening possibility, aerosolized oil. If the winds are strong enough some speculate that the oil could be sucked up, aerosolized and carried onto land. The results on the environment and human health could be catastrophic, lets face it “fumes” or “residues” that smell toxic usually are hydrocarbons have a bad habit of sticking around.

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