Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two drunks drinking from the same cup of stupid

Sean Hannity is anti-science. I know, this will read like a story that ends with the punchline, "in other news, dog bites man," because its so damn obvious. But thanks to Sean Hannity's brave mavricky investigation, him and his lapdog Tucker Carlson can now report that stimulus money given to the NSF, is now being used for...get ready for it...grants! I'm sure when this story aired on Fox News this week, many a pearls were clutched and fainting couches were quickly deployed. But to everyone else in the reality based community, these two just look like a couple of fools who fell from the top of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

So what was the big deal here? The NSF granted Michigan State University over $187,000 to build new storage systems for their famous arthropod collection. Their old storage units were inadequate and were in danger of losing their specimens to other insects. Trying to save dead bugs from bugs. Hilarious right? Carlson sure thought so. He yipped with glee as he reported back to his owner as if he had exposed some know-it-all scientist. I could easily go through a line-by-line dissection of this since each sentence uttered drips with smug stupidity, but it would just be too infuriating.

You can just read the transcript of the segment here and see what I mean.

There is this part here that deserves some attention:

CARLSON: So four students are working on this collection who would not be working on it otherwise.

COGNATO: Correct.

CARLSON: How much are they getting paid?

COGNATO: They get paid between $8 and $10 an hour.


CARLSON: So four kids are making eight bucks an hour to move dead bugs from old trays to new trays. This is the job-creation engine of the Obama administration.

An employee of the company benefiting from this grant showed up in the comments:

"My job is one of the many that were either created or saved by this particular grant. I work for BioQuip, the company, based in California that manufactures the drawers and unit trays that MSU purchased with their stimulus money. Our company employs 27 people and we purchase wood and other supplies used to construct said drawers from other American companies and those companies purchase lumber harvested and milled in the United States by still more American workers. There is also the local, US based glass company that manufactures and cuts the glass that we use on the tops of the drawers. All of these materials then have to be trucked to us by still more US workers, employed by US freight companies, and then the finished products have to be shipped to MSU, again, using a US freight company which employs American drivers. I could continue on and include the mechanics who work on the trucks used by the freight companies and so on and so forth but I think you get the idea. When you take the time to really examine the facts, this $200,000 stimulus grant has benefited the US economy, created and maintained American jobs and businesses on a level far greater than 4 jobs at a single university."

So Mr. Hannity, Mr. Carlson, why do you hate America?

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