Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shark-Bitten Crocodile Poop Fossils Found (No, Really)

For the most part I think that this blog sticks to pretty defined areas of interest, mainly HIV/viruses and pollution/marine science. However, a science story comes about that just need to be told, this is one of those cases. Thats right, although highly improbable someone found a fossilized crocodile poo that bears the wounds from an encounter with an ancient shark. Lets think about this, first someone had to find a rock that had a strange pattern of holes it it. See below.

Then they had to bring it to someone to ask about them. That person had to have been bored enough to take a casting of those holes and then compare those to castings of modern day shark teeth. The conclusion, these holes were made by a shark that was a decedent of modern tiger sharks. Against all odds, this story is turning out to be pretty neat.

This discovery leads to many interesting questions. The one that came first to my mind was "what was an ancient shark doing munching on poop?" Followed by, "no wonder this species of shark went extinct". Fortunately, my burning yet sophomoric questions were answered by SCIENCE! It turns out the depth of the tooth holes are not even. This lead the team doing the investigation to speculate that this piece of preserved fecal matter was originally in the colon of some poor crocodilian that was attacked by shark. First, this is why I <3 science. Second, I felt satisfied with this answer. Third and most importantly, I wish I could have seen this prehistoric battle royal go down. Luckily for us all of us, this article included an artist's representation of what this battle may have looked like.

All I can say is badass \m/, I wish this picture was on a T-shirt

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