Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't worry Michael, I would have facepalmed too

I had reservations about watching Nightline's debate, "Does God have a Future?," featuring Sam Harris and Michael Shermer versus Deepak Chopra. The reason being, anytime Deepak Chopra opens his mouth, a frantic word salad of scientific sounding new agey tripe is released. This places any rational listener at risk of severe and permanent brain dysfunction after hearing just a few sentences of this vacuous crap. I'm glad I watched. Not just because Harris and Shermer were brilliant and eviscerated everything Chopra said, but rather because Chopra's composure implodes under the weight of his own massive ego. Shermer especially gets under Chopra's skin which was hysterical to watch. Chopra had to result to talking over everyone with clear indignation and frustration when his arguments were laughed at for what the were, complete bunk.

There was one exchange that literally had me in stitches, and I've taken the liberty of taking screen shots. This is the actual dialouge.
(Discussing how Deepak Chopra hijacks the word "quantum mechanics" to claim everything is connected and everything relies on observer experience, Shermer goes... )
Deepak Chopra has simply outdone himself.

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