Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whale war wages on

We’re only into February of 2010 and the clashes between anti-whaling activists and Japanese fishermen are already heating up in Antarctica’s icy waters. This week marked the second of the year’s two collisions between the rivaling forces. Left with a 3 foot gash in its hull the Bob Barker, named after the greatest game show host ever(!) and long time animal rights activist, who donated millions to Sea Shepherd so combat whaling fleets, was forced to temporarily abandon its pursuit of the whaling ships. While there were no injuries, the confrontations are becoming increasingly aggressive and likely only a matter of time before serious injury and death occur.

In January, another of Sea Shepherd’s vessels, the Andy Gil (which looks more like the Batmobile, or something from a James Bond movie), was rammed by a Japanese ship. Though like in this month’s incident, both sides are blaming the others. The video of the collision (here and here) does not make clear just who was at fault.

Honestly, why can’t we just live by Jon Anderson’s words (listen to that bass as well!)?

Dig it?

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  1. Everyone should be forced to watch Star Trek IV in conjunction, "Admiral, There be whales here!".